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Thanks to the response from the extended group, we are happy to announce that we will hold camp again this year at the Colorado Mountain College campus outside of Glenwood Springs, Colorado. We thank everyone for their registrations, emails and other shows of support and we look forward to seeing everyone at CMC in July.

By the way, registration is still open, so please come join us! It's going to be an exciting, wonderful week of training.

As always, if you have question or concerns, please contact the Hotline; we're happy to hear from you.

The Boulder Aikikai Summer Camp Staff

To register or find assistance, please visit: or contact

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This is a very important year for the Summer Camp in the Rockies and we are writing to make a special request: if you are planning on attending Summer Camp please register now.

On May 1st we must decide if we will hold the camp at Colorado Mountain College this year or at another venue. This decision will be based on the number of registrations we have received by April 30th. As you know the CMC campus outside of Glenwood Springs offers a beautiful setting that allows for a unique event. We are committed to continuing the tradition of our Camp and it's our goal to hold it at CMC as usual; in order to do this we need to confirm our commitment to the college on May 1st.

At this point every registration counts and we hope to hear from you soon. If you prefer to register with a deposit rather than the full payment required when registering online, please download a paper registration form and mail it in with your check. If you do, please drop us an email or give us a call and let us know that you've registered.

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2012 Aikido Summer Camp in the Rockies
Hiroshi Ikeda, shihan

Here at Boulder Aikikai preparation is well underway for this year’s 32nd annual Summer Camp in the Rockies. Looking back, I feel that the past thirty years constitute a first generation in the camp’s history. As such, it is time for the old guard to step back, and for the next generation to apply their energy and creativity to start a new chapter, rich with new ideas and approaches to training.

When I began planning the first Summer Camp in the Rockies some thirty years ago, I had three goals in mind: to provide an environment for all participants to further their personal study of aikido, to create an opportunity to reflect on and reaffirm why we train, and to nurture the spirit of aikido through community.

Personal Aikido Growth
To grow is to evolve, and evolution entails transformation—transformation and discovery in turn being how we make progress towards our goals.

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Reflections on the Summer Camp in the Rockies
Laurie Nusbaum, Boulder Aikikai

Every year on the summer camp timeline, there is a turning moment for me. Until that moment I am engaged in the planning process-getting the logistics set, having meetings, coordinating, sending communications, and so on. But then there is a distinct point at which my perspective shifts, when I can “see” and feel what is about to happen and I am, after that moment, completely excited and engaged.

What am I looking forward to? Why so excited?

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A letter from Kevin Choate on the 2012 Summer Camp in the Rockies
Kevin Choate, Chicago Aikikai


I would like to invite you to join me at the Boulder Aikikai Summer Camp in the Rockies to be held at Colorado Mountain College, Glenwood Springs, Colorado, July 22-29, 2012.

Now, what I need to explain is why you should attend, and why I have, for longer than I would like to admit. That’s not true. I am proud to have attended and grateful for the opportunities the camp has created for me over the years. I have met people and made friends and had insights I don’t believe would have happened anywhere else.

In 1980, when I started attending camp, I thought I was doing pretty well—I was Saotome Sensei’s student, up in front all of the time, taking lots of ukemi, enjoying all of the “show time.” It took years for me to figure out that the rest of the time, which was the majority of the time, was as important, if not more important than show time. Over time my brilliance faded and Saotome Sensei and the camp taught me the value of instruction and training and the difference between the two.

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An open letter on the 2012 Summer Camp in the Rockies
Tres Hofmeister, Boulder Aikikai

By now everyone has heard about our plans for the 2012 Boulder Aikikai Summer Camp in the Rockies. We are in the process of building a new future for this, our annual training event, and are really looking forward to this year. We will continue to look at all aspects of future camps and you can expect changes as we go along. But today I'd like to offer a few words on our decisions for this year and the thinking behind them.

First, let me be clear about a change with obvious impact on our event. Ikeda sensei made the 30th anniversary of the camp in 2010 his final one as a regular instructor; a change he planned expressly to allow for a new future for the event. Doran sensei had also made clear his plans to retire at that time, and 2011 was his final year at our camp. Finally, Saotome sensei has also withdrawn from the event in 2012.