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Dues and Fees: Monthly general membership is $120, college students $70. Payment on a class-by-class basis is also available; $15 mat fee for a single class. 

More pricing information (PDF)

For Beginner Students: New students with no prior experience in aikido are welcome to join Boulder Aikikai as a regular member on any date during any of the weeknight 6pm Fundamentals classes. In addition to the weeknight Fundamentals classes, the Wednesday Focus class and the Sunday Fundamentals class are open for beginning students. Beginners are welcome to start attending other classes including the weeknight 7:15pm classes and weapons classes after instructor's approval. New students are encouraged to read about about the basic class structure (PDF document) at our dojo.

Fundamentals Class: These weekday 6pm classes taught by Boulder Aikikai senior instructors will focus on the fundamentals of aikido. New students with no prior experience in aikido are welcome to join the dojo in these classes on any date.

Open Class: These weekday evening classes are instructed by Ikeda sensei, Hofmeister sensei or senior instructors. The Open Class will always contain the highest consistent level of training for serious aikido students from intermediate to advanced levels.

Focus: Aikido's Internal Elements: This 90-minute class is taught by Ikeda sensei. Focusing on underlying principles of movement and power rather than on conventional techniques, it is designed to promote deeper understanding of aikido's internal elements. Students of all experience including brand new beginners are welcome in this class.

Weapons Class: Taught three times per week by Hofmeister sensei and senior instructors. Weapons Class presents the techniques of bokken, jo, and tanto (wooden sword, staff, and knife), which are requirements for advanced ranking.

Youth Classes: A complete program of Beginner through Advanced level classes is offered for young people aged 9-15. For more information, please contact Jennifer Barr-Welles: * Youth Classes begin the week after Labor Day and end the week before Memorial Day. (Please see the teacher for specific dates.)

Sunday Fundamentals Class: Instruction in fundamental aikido techniques and ukemi. Presented by various dan-ranked instructors, and paced for the newer student. This class welcomes members of the CU Aikido Club, the Naropa aikido class, and all begining and regular Boulder Aikikai members.

Feldenkrais Method Awareness Through Movement®: Class resumes Spring 2020. For more information, please contact Tres Hofmeister or visit

Students of Boulder Aikikai also offer classes through the Naropa University and University of Colorado at Boulder.






10:00am MDT

Hofmeister sensei


11:30am MDT


6:00pm MDT

Hofmeister sensei

6:00pm MDT

Ikeda sensei

6:00pm MDT


6:00pm MDT

Ikeda sensei

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