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Aikido Summer Camp

SC Intro


A Year in Transition

July 22-25, 2021

Ikeda Sensei + Hofmeister Sensei

We sincerely hope you can join us this year, either in person for fully vaccinated people or online if you'd like to practice in your own dojo or home. All students of Aikido, regardless of affiliation, are invited to join us for our 2021 Summer Camp.

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This year’s camp is again a fundraiser to help financially support the dojo as we transition out of the pandemic. Your participation and support are most welcome. Classes will be held in-person at the dojo for fully vaccinated people, and will be shared online for those who would like to practice in their own dojo or home. We look forward to seeing you at the dojo or online.

Schedule (all times Colorado MDT)

Thursday, July 22

    7-7:35 pm  Hofmeister

7:40-8:15pm  Ikeda

Friday, July 23

10-10:50 am  Ikeda

11 am-noon  Hofmeister 

            noon  2-hour lunch break

2-2:50 pm     Ikeda

3-3:50 pm     Hofmeister 

     4-5 pm     Ikeda

     5:00 pm   Close

Saturday, July 24

10-10:50 am  Hofmeister

11 am-noon  Ikeda 

            noon  2-hour lunch break

2-2:50 pm     Hofmeister

3-3:50 pm     Ikeda 

     4-5 pm     Hofmeister

   5:00 pm     Close

Sunday, July 25

10-10:50 am  Hofmeister

11 am-noon  Ikeda

            noon  Close



10:00 am   U.S. Mountain

  9:00 am   U.S. Pacific

12:00 pm  U.S. Eastern

18:00         Central European Summer Time (CEST)



All registrations will be handled through ZenPlanner, our on-line platform.

We again have a sliding fee schedule, similar to last year. There are three additional sign-up options in each category for those who are able to support the dojo and our fundraising effort in a bigger way. We're also offering a full dojo registration option this year for those who would like to practice online as a group in their home dojo. If you are interested in registering your whole dojo, please contact us

$175-$250   in-person

  $75-$150   online (individual)

       $200 +  online (dojo)

Please note

A link will be emailed to all participants the week prior to the event. 

Please do not sign up for in-person practice if you have not completed your vaccination requirement by the start of camp. Please be prepared to show your vaccination information to Ikeda sensei. 

Also, for in-person participants, we will not be providing any meals this year.

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