January 16, 2022

In-person classes canceled this coming week, January 17 - 23.

Ikeda sensei will move his class on Monday and Thursday to 6pm on Zoom (links below).


Hofmeister sensei will move his class on Tuesday to 6pm on Zoom and continue with the Saturday Zoom class (links below).

Given the current heavy spike in COVID-19 numbers, the dojo will remain closed through the coming weekend (Jan 23, 2022). We will evaluate again at that time as we see how the current surge unfolds. We will delay the start of the new Introductory Series as well; a new starting date will be announced once we have a better sense of our current situation

Please stay safe and well. We hope and expect to see each other again soon.

If you wish to attend in-person classes, please email us prior to your first class. 

In our practice, we look beyond our personal concerns to the safety of others and the well being of the communities of which we are a part. In addition, aikido training is unique in the amount and kinds of contact we have with each other. Our decisions for risk mitigation are made with both of these in mind. In this way, we continue to participate in the global effort to reduce transmission and mutation of the SARS‑CoV‑2 virus. The Omicron variant in particular now disproportionately impacts many people here in Colorado, across the U.S, and around the world, especially those in unvaccinated populations.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we add classes with the safety and health of our local and broader communities in mind.

Pre-registration is required for classes at the dojo.

Keiko classes require full COVID-19 vaccination and masks are required in the dojo.

If you are not a member but would like to support us, please consider a supporting membership. Find all membership and fee information on our membership page. PDF version of Membership info.

For more information, please email

Online Practice (Zoom)


Ikeda sensei and Hofmeister sensei are offering several virtual classes throughout the week . Join these classes by clicking the Zoom link in the table above.

Indoor Practice (Dojo)


Boulder Aikikai will hold a few limited classes in the dojo. If you are interested in participating in these classes, please follow the following 3 steps.


Review the updated Training Guidelines to be prepared for the additional precautions.


Pre-Register for the class you would like to attend. There are limited spots available. 


Fill out the waiver addendum (copies also available at the dojo). Before each class, review the Health Screen.

Outdoor Practice (Limited distanced weapons)


Weather and light allowing, distanced outdoor practices are available weekdays at 6:00pm when indoor classes are not scheduled, and on Saturday mornings. If you would like to find out more about these practices, or to request updates on weather cancellations, please email us.