Summer Camp in the Rockies 2013 - FAQs

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding Summer Camp in the Rockies.

  • Q: When will registration for the Summer Camp in the Rockies open?
  • A: On March 10th, 2014, we will open up online registration and will also have the paper registrations (in PDF format) available for download.
Payment Information
  • Q: What happens if I forget to fill in a blank on my paper registration?
  • A: Please do it right the first time to ensure an early postmark date! If an item is missing, your registration form will be returned to you for completion, and the new postmark date will be used for processing. Pay careful attention to birthdate, witness, and signature sections.
Payment Information
  • Q: How much will the Summer Camp in the Rockies be?
  • A: Full Plan, $695; Non-training Plan, $655; Independent Plan, $500.

  • Q: Will I have to pay the full amount when I sign up?
  • A: If you pay with your credit card using online registration, you will have to pay the full amount for all three plans.

    If you wish to register for the Independent plan using a paper registration, you will have to send in a check for the entire amount.

    For the Full Plan and Non-Training Plan, you will need to send in a deposit of $395 for the Full Plan or $400 for the Non-Training Plan with your registration. Please understand that sending in your deposit does not guarantee you a space at Summer Camp, so be sure to register early!

  • Q: What methods of payment will you take?
  • A: We can take credit card and PayPal payments via online registration and check and money order payments via paper registration.

  • Q: Can I send in my payment separate from my registration?
  • A: No, the registration must be accompanied by your deposit/payment.
Waiting List
  • Q: Will you have a waiting list?
  • A: Yes, we will maintain a waiting list when Camp fills up.

  • Q: When will the waiting list start?
  • A: This depends entirely on how quickly the Camp fills up. Historically, this might take a couple of months after registration opens or may even be as early as a few weeks! The best advice we can give you is to register as early as possible to ensure your space.

  • Q: What happens to the online registration when the waiting list starts?
  • A: We will close online registration when the waiting list starts. This means that in order for you to be put onto the waiting list, you will need to fill out a paper registration and send it in along with your deposit check.

  • Q: If I'm on the waiting list, when will I be offered a space at Camp?
  • A: This all depends on if we are able to open up spaces at Camp. This may happen, for instance, if someone cancels or if we are able to procure more rooms at the dormitory. Please understand that we would love to see you come to Camp and that we try to do our best to make that happen.

  • Q: If I'm on the waiting list, how will I be notified of an available space?
  • A: We will contact you by e-mail and/or by phone. You will need to respond within a given time period, generally 48 to 24 hours. The closer it is to camp, the shorter the time period, usually 24 hours. If you are on the waiting list, please check your e-mail and voice mail frequently wherever you are. If you don't respond within the given time period, we will need to move on to the next person on the waiting list and you will lose your spot. We make every effort to contact you and we wait until the last pssible minute to move on.

  • Q: If I'm on the Full Plan waiting list, can I register with the Independent Plan and keep my spot on the Full Plan waiting list?
  • A: If you decide to register under the Independent plan when you are on the Full Plan waiting list, to ensure fairness with the others on the waiting list, you will lose your place in the Full Plan waiting list if you decide to take an Independent plan space.
  • Q: If I cancel, what happens to my payment?
  • A: If you are on the waiting list when you cancel, we will give you the option of having your check sent back to you or destroyed.

    If you are already registered and your check deposited, we will issue you a full or partial refund (after May 1st: $75 charge for Full/Non-Training Plan, $50 charge for Independent Plan) if you cancel before June 24th. After that date, your cancellation is subject to the loss of your full registration fee.
Getting to Camp
  • Q: Do you have a map to Summer Camp?
  • A: An interactive map of important Summer Camp locations is available at
Contacting Us
  • Q: If I have a question regarding my registration, how can I contact you?
  • A: You can e-mail us at the Summer Camp Hotline e-mail address at or give us a call at (303) 447-6464 and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Please either send us a piece of e-mail or call us rather than doing both, though, as that will cut down on duplicating our efforts.