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We hope you will join us this year for our expanded Spring Seminar, either in-person for COVID-19 vaccinated individuals or online if you’d like to practice in your own dojo or home. Classes will begin on Thursday evening, with a full day of practice on Friday and Saturday. Classes will end on Sunday at noon. We have a variety of sign-up options. 


Saturday, April 8

10:00–10:50 am  Hofmeister

11:05 am–noon  Ikeda

                  noon  2-hour lunch break

2:00–2:55 pm     Hofmeister

3:05–3:55 pm     Ikeda 

4:05–5:00 pm     Hofmeister

          6:00 pm     Pizza party @ dojo

Sunday, April 9

10:00–10:55 am  Hofmeister

11:00 am–noon  Ikeda


10:00 am    U.S. Mountain

  9:00 am    U.S. Pacific

12:00 pm    U.S. Eastern

18:00           Central European

Schedule (All times Colorado MDT)

Thursday, April 6

6:00–6:55 pm  Hofmeister

7:05–8:00 pm  Ikeda

Friday, April 7

10:00–10:55 am  Ikeda

11:05 am–noon  Hofmeister

                  noon  2-hour lunch break

2:00–2:55 pm     Ikeda

3:05–3:55 pm     Hofmeister 

4:05–5:00 pm     Ikeda


The majority of registrations will be handled through ZenPlanner, our on-line platform.


We have a simple fee schedule. In-person has three options, full seminar, Friday or Saturday only, or any morning, afternoon or evening block. There are also two online options, individual or dojo. Individuals may choose between three payment amounts, whatever fits your schedule and/or budget.

For those who would like to practice as a group in their home dojo, a donation can be made through our PayPal link.


    $50, $75 or $100    individual

                 donation    dojo  

Scholarships are available. Please sign-up on-line using the Scholarship button and you’ll receive an email with further details.


    $150    full seminar

      $75    Friday or Saturday only (1 full day)

      $50    any morning/afternoon/evening block

Please Note

A Zoom ink will be emailed to all participants the week prior to the event. 
Please be prepared to show you vaccination information to Ikeda sensei. 
There will be a pizza party Saturday evening.

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